william-demant-holding-hearing-aidsWillam Demant Holding

Willam Demant Holding was founded in 1904, and hearing device manufacturing comprises 86 percent of its business activities. The group owns the Bernafon, Oticon and Sonic Innovations brands.

Rooted in Bern, Switzerland, Bernafon has developed and engineered hearing aids for more than 60 years. Bernafon introduced the world’s first digitally programmable hearing instrument in 1988, making a lasting impression in the hearing aid industry. The company released the first channel-free hearing system in 2002, a unique approach to signal processing.

Oticon was founded in 1904 and is responsible for a number of “firsts” and new standards in the hearing aid industry. The company was behind Digifocus, the world’s first digital hearing instrument and Agil, the world’s first cognitive friendly hearing system. In 2014, Oticon released Steamer Pro, which enables Oticon wireless hearing aid users to connect to iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch.

Sonic is a US-based manufacturer of hearing care solutions that has provided more than one million hearing instruments to patients in more than 25 countries.


Not sure which hearing aid is right for you?  We can help.

We can help.  

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