Truth About Buying Hearing Aids Online

Online hearing aid sales: a hidden cost haven

Selling hearing aids online is a budding industry trend, but the business model only favors the broker, saddling the patient with unknown and unexpected costs long after the purchase.

The truth about hearing aids sold online is they aren’t customized to meet YOUR needs. An online hearing aid broker advertises heavily to prospects searching for hearing aids. These hearing aids are not customized to your specific hearing loss.  An online broker has the sole intent of selling you knowing they will never actually service or care for you later. In these cases, patients don’t receive a proper evaluation to determine the cause and severity of their hearing loss before making the purchase.

Furthermore, online hearing aid prices do not include post-purchase maintenance. Patients more often discover the hearing aids they bought online do not fit and do not address the custom sound amplifications they personally need. At this point they are forced to look elsewhere for a provider to make adjustments and must pay for every repair, part replacement or cleaning.

In addition, clinicians, while eager to help you hear, are less likely to be invested with these patients or are unfamiliar with their specific hearing needs. The entire business model for online brokers is to wedge themselves in the middle of the patient (you) and the healthcare provider (where you will need the required service after buying from the broker online). Hearing care providers are different because they know when they fit you with a custom hearing aid they will be building a long relationship to help you realize better hearing — not earning a quick buck and dropping you off somewhere else. This is why the overwhelming majority of patients who purchase their first set of hearing aids online, purchase their second set from a trustworthy clinician.

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