Truth About Aftercare

Debunking the ‘free servicing’ myth

Your hearing will continue to change just as your eyesight does. Keeping this in mind, hearing aids will require periodic maintenance and adjustments throughout their lifespan. It’s important to understand specifically what level of support your provider offers after you make the purchase.

Watch for providers who advertise “free servicing” with their hearing aids and fail to clearly communicate that this does not mean “free repairs.” An honest hearing care provider should clearly explain the difference between free service; warranty repairs and loss and damage claims. Free servicing typically covers in office cleaning, moisture removal and minor adjustments. These are all items a trained clinician can do in house with professional equipment. The hearing aid manufacturer or a third-party service handles actual repairs, which can cost hundreds of dollars if you buy a hearing aid without a warranty. Finally, make sure you are informed about the loss and damage benefits, if they exist. Usually a loss and damage benefit, when utilized, will cost a small one-time fee to replace the hearing aid with a brand new one. Understanding these differences and making sure you're covered is key to ensuring you're on the right path to better hearing.

The truth about hearing aids repairs

Quality hearing aids are sophisticated, advanced pieces of technology that – when properly cared for – will give you years of better hearing.  However, just like any other computer or medical device that is heavily used, professional care will be necessary from time to time. An ethical clinician will work with you and teach you how to maintain your hearing aids.  With proper care, built-up moisture or wax will be the primary cause of your hearing aid issues roughly 75 percent of the time.  With these issues, often all it takes is a simple cleaning and vacuuming to remove buildup and get your hearing aids working again. One of the benefits of purchasing from a trustworthy clinician is the cleaning and maintenance are handled on site at no charge.




30-day return policy: the right thing to do

If hearing providers cannot stand behind their products, what are they really selling you? A reputable provider should offer a 30-day return policy with your hearing aids. You should be able to return your hearing aids and get most of your money back during this period. Providers usually retain $150 to $200 as a restocking fee, but will connect you with a provider that does not collect this fee.

Hearing aids are highly customizable and everyones needs are different.  The trial period ensures that the provider is doing everything in their power to help you hear better. Clinicians have everything to lose if they don’t do their job, and you have everything to gain when they do. However, sometimes it takes longer than 30-days to adjust to all of the new sounds in your life. A trustworthy provider is invested in your better hearing and when discussed will normally extend the trial period if necessary.

The bottom line: Your provider should be able to explain all the terms of your hearing aid purchase and supply a written copy of your contract. We can connect you with an ethical provider in your area who will help you protect your investment long after your purchase.

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