Truth About Providers

Reputable hearing professionals don't sell, they serve.

Providers who sell hearing aids without a proper consultation with the patient represent the biggest problem with the industry.

A responsible hearing provider should make you feel comfortable and confident you’re getting the best, most customized treatment for your hearing loss. Genuine hearing professionals should not pressure you to buy a particular brand or style of hearing aid; their recommendation should be based solely upon your hearing loss situation as determined by a formal hearing evaluation.

A reputable clinician:

  • Speaks to you in clear terms about your hearing loss and options.
  • Answers all of your questions honestly.
  • Will never tell you a hearing aid price is “good for today only.”
  • Offers a 30-day return policy on your hearing aids.
  • Will schedule multiple follow-up appointments with you the months and years after your hearing aid purchase to make fitting adjustment and make sure the device stays in-tune with your loss as it changes.
  • Always provides a written contract explaining the terms of your hearing aid purchase.
  • Clearly explains the payment terms and options.
  • Provide “lost and damaged” terms with a new hearing aid purchase.
  • Sells hearing aids that will come with a warranty for covering repairs that can not be done in-house.
  • Offer a nationwide network of other quality providers who can adjust your hearing aids if you need.

We insure that our certified network providers meet each of our standards of quality service. If you would like a free no-obligation consultation with a trustworthy clinician click here.

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